About Bon Cargos

Bon Cargos provides access to a growing global marketplace through a network of supply chain, transportation, and business and related information services. Boncargos specializes in providing customers with innovative and customized transportation solutions from a single source.

The success of the company was founded in its innovative idea of sending out information in advance of cargo arrival, thereby speeding up the process of goods delivery. It provides a road-based service through an extensive and reliable road network for both business and private customers.

arrow With back-up of 10 years  experience
arrow More than 1087 destinations
arrow 50 odd aluminium container vans
arrow More than 40 routes along with 7 hubs to cover every nuke & corner of Kerala
arrow Delivering more than 1.5 lacks of boxes per month
arrow Transversing around 8500 kms just 550 km lengthy Kerala per day
arrow Web tracking & tracing,e-pod and online verification of accounts
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